Sunny Day in Glasgow

Going back to the old Glasgow slogan before People Make Glasgow we had “Glasgow Smiles Better“, on a day like this it sure does.

What a difference a place is when the sun is shinning on Glasgow, everyone is smiling and just glad to be out and about.

No difference for me I am out and about with the camera always at hand, looking for tat special picture opportunity that could arise around the next corner.

With the sun out there is different shadow opportunities out there as you can see above with the photo of part of the old fountain outside Glasgow’s Peoples Palace. The deep browns and the beauty of the greens in the background from the trees and edges.


Always out looking for different ideas for photographs and you always seem to go back to places you have captured in the past and return hoping you have the correct light and sky to take the perfect photo you have envisioned. I have taken many photographs of the fountain and getting close to the photo i have imagined. 

I am sure i will return to this spot or close by it over the coming months or years still looking for that photograph.

This is photography and every photo is different from day to day so you keep trying to find the one you are looking for.

Will post more photos of around Glasgow in my galleries in the coming day .


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