Rozelle Park, Ayrshire

A beautiful sunny day, I made the trip down to the Ayrshire coast to take in the beauty that is Rozelle park.

I have seen a few photos of the park through various social media. It was time to pay the park a visit and today was the ideal time with great weather conditions.

Arriving at the park was like entering a different work, the different shades of green on the trees and grass. Before arriving at the car park you pass the stunning carved tree as you can see above.

After parking up it was time to search out for the Poppy walk to the carved sculptures in memory of the falling from world war 1 & 2. While searching for these i was walking through various parts of the park taking in the surrounding and the amazing flowers blooming at this time of year.

On the way to the Poppy walk we passed by a beautiful natural pond with ducks, swans and wildlife in awe.

Arriving at the Poppy walk i was left amazed by the amount of work that had gone in to the sculptures that create memories.

I will post up photographs from the visit in my gallery for you to view.

If you get a chance and are in Ayr pop along to Rozelle Park and take in it’s beauty.

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