Easter weekend time for adventure for the weather perfect.

A short update on the adventure over the Easter weekend taking in the glorious sunshine and perfect condition’s to be out and about for a wonder around Glasgow and Ayrshire.

Started off with a trip down to Ayrshire and Dunure just south of Ayr, capturing the highlights of the Ayrshire fishing village in beautiful sunshine. From the boats in the harbour to the narrow lanes down to the beach front. From there it is a short journey across to West Kilbride to fly the drone in a location on the coast I have not visited in a few years.  Yellow sand beach and costal rocks and the tide leaving gave [perfect reflection to the remaining water on the beach.

These photographs I will up load in the coming days shown you the delights of my first day of the weekend adventure.

Sunday was the annual trip down to the Glasgow Green for the 40th Anniversary of the Easter Bike run to Glasgow Children’s Hospital. An amazing turn out with hundreds of bikers from all over supporting this years run to deliver Easter eggs to the hospital for the kids. With full support of the Children’s charity around the event they left the park under the colours of the charity of purple and white with large numbers “40” to mark the anniversary.

Full gallery of the event will feature on the website soon.

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